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Noodle Boxes-Top Custom Printed Noodle Packaging

Noodles have a very rich history and were introduced globally by the Chinese. These noodles now have taken many forms and shapes. There are many different ways in which they are cooked and are considered to be the fastest meal. They come in different flavors and are relished by people of all age groups. We give the best noodle boxes solution for the noodle companies to serve their ready-to-eat noodles in amazing packaging.

Get The Perfect noodle boxes

Package your noodles in personalized boxes. the box is made to promote the convenient enjoying of the meal. Noodles are a part of lunches and food for most of the working people and students. They enjoy cardboard noodle boxes that are insulated and allow you to enjoy hot served noodles. Many companies have been replacing plastic harmful containers with durable noodle boxes. Boxes have revolutionized the noodle eating experience and now one can enjoy it anywhere. Amazing takeaway noodle boxes are winning the hearts of the audience.

Increase your sales with better marketing and advertisement strategies. The audience gets affected by the substandard noodle boxes and especially for the food items. Noodles demand competent packaging as they are related to the health and hygiene of the clients. Clients get affiliated with custom printed boxes and hence the older clients can be retained.

Find The Best Range of Your noodle boxes

Inflated prices of boxes are depriving many brands of affording premium packaging. many packaging companies charge a lot in the name of customization. We offer affordable boxes so more brands can promote their sales through the use of these noodle boxes. There are no extra die and plate charges with print designing. We love facilitating clients with our incredible deals and discounts.

Eco-friendly boxes are the best noodle boxes solution for noodles. Initially, plastic containers or boxes were used for noodle serving. They were hazardous to the health and demanded recycling which in return was harmful to the atmosphere. We believe in promoting the safety of the ecosystem hence the organic boxes are provided. The material used for the manufacturing of boxes includes Kraft, cardboard, boxboard, or corrugated material. These boxes are easy to use and after their use are recycled by a process known as biodegradation.

Biologically active agents like bacteria and fungi convert them into spoil over the decades.

How To Make Your Custom noodle boxes?

Get your logo printed on each box with embossing, debossing, or raised ink. Printing makes a box unique and lively. We use vibrant and pastel hues in an alluring blend or can keep the base in one solid color by mono-color, PMS, or CMYK printing. Each box for the trademark is designed by a team of expert graphic designers which creates an exclusive outlook.

We offer hi-tech printing features such as spot UV treatment that cures the printing and adds texture to the box. For a waterproof print experience, we provide you with an AQ coating. The finishing of the noodle boxes can be selected by the client to be matte, glossy, or glittery by the use of a lamination sheet. Description About ingredients and manufacturing details should be precise and are printed in attractive font styles and colors. The text is sequenced in a mesmerizing way with images and visual representations of the product. For extravagant outlook, we offer to foil with silver and gold.

Affordable and Luxury noodle boxes at Wholesale Rates

Chic and high-end classical food packaging boxes are being crafted in various styles. The design of the box can be picked from many available options. You can get your box modified as per your preferences. The box style can vary from clamshell to front tuck double-layered box to auto-bottom or a flap box. Die-cut windows in attractive shapes can be cut out in the box with transparent PVC lining.

We help you make your box fascinating by the use of ribbons and accessories. The dimensions of the box can be changed to custom measurements and can have straps or handles for comfortable carrying. The noodle boxes can have inserts or partitions.

Wholesale discounts do not mean compromised quality. We encourage bulk manufacturing and such deals as they are beneficial for both the manufacturer as well as the buyer. We let the client save time and money and their turnover can be increased.

Get More Ideas about noodle boxes Wholesale

We offer incredible customer support day and night. A team of vigilant workers works under customer representative services who are responsible for satisfying each client. The team answers your question and make sure to improve your experience. For surviving ruthless digital marketing an informative website has been developed. We regularly update the website and all information regarding boxes of noodles is available online. You can get a quotation for your specific order while being at home through the website.  Free shipment of flat noodle boxes is provided under our facilitating policy without any restriction. Reliably consignment is delivered to you anywhere in the world which can be tracked anytime with the tracking ID. You can conserve money and energy spent on the fast delivery of boxes.