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We have the Largest Range of Boxes For custom cereal boxes

We have the Largest Range of Boxes For custom cereal boxes

Cereals are the most popular breakfast form and are often combined with milk. Cereals are liked by people of all age groups and are demanded greatly because of their ready-to-use property. Students and working people often have a healthy cereal breakfast before starting their day. For geriatrics, it is a healthier start of the day as well as they are rich in nutrition. Cereal manufacturers are striving in their goals towards health. Cereals demand competent and safe packaging than basic and monotonous plastic shrink bags.

The best packaging for cereals has been introduced by the packaging companies. We give you premium quality re-sealable Custom cereal boxes. Custom cereal boxes have been seen changing the whole status of a brand. The brand is a part of creating exclusive packaging. a custom template for cereals has been provided for approval.

We have established a customer support team. The team is responsible for creating a connection between the client and the box manufacturers. The client can directly communicate his needs and ideas. We are here to satisfy each client with our flawless services. The customer representatives work day and night for a smoother experience and are efficient in their responses.

Get custom cereal boxes with Your Logo

Printing is the key feature of customization. It gives each brand an expression through a customized box. The color scheme is selected on some characteristics such as targeted age group, preference of the client, and relevance with brand logo. We can make the Custom cereal boxes in playful colors or the base can be made in one solid color with mono-color, PMS, or CMYK printing. There is a whole world of print designing that offers versatile outlooks for a box.

Print support by professional graphic designers is offered free of cost to all the customers. Printed logos on the box are made highlighted by features such as embossing, debossing, or raised ink. AQ coating is provided for the Custom cereal boxes to have a long-lasting print with no smudging. Spot UV treatment is offered for creating depth in targeted areas. The final finishing of the box is kept matte or glossy as per the desire of the client. We use lamination sheets for glossing and as a protective layer. 

Text describing calories and ingredients with manufacturing details can be printed on the box in various font styles. The color combination is kept mesmerizing aligned with fascinating visual representation.

Design Your Own custom cereal boxes

The cereal packaging is made in various box styles with modifications. The box can be made in a front tuck double-layered, auto-bottom, reverse tuck, or in a fancy lid and base type. The size and dimensions of Custom cereal boxes can be changed from regular small, medium, or large to specific measurements. The box can have PVC lined cello transparent windows in various shapes. 

We can change the whole preface of your box by adding different accessories. Ribbons can make any box look prettier. We often add handles or straps to the design for convenient carrying. Inserts can be added for two types of flavors to be packed in one Custom cereal boxes. The shape of the box can be changed from nonappealing cubes to round or pentagons and many more.

Protect Your Product with High-Quality Packaging Boxes

The box is made from the material that assures health hygiene and is safe for packaging and storage of cereals. The quality of the material helps a brand to build better grounds for marketing. Appealing boxes should be competent in standards too as substandard custom food boxes can ruin the reputation of a brand.

FDA-approved boxes are capable of withstanding external extreme conditions. They do not lose their shape and allows minimum damage to cereal. Unlike plastic shrink bags in which cereal would get crushed during transfers, with these Custom cereal boxes customers can relish cereals in perfect form. Moisture-resistant boxes keep dirt and impurities out of the box.

Get Free Shipping

Eco-friendly material is used in the manufacturing of cereal packaging. The material used comes from the natural source most commonly from softwood and is processed into Kraft, corrugated material, cardboard, boxboard. These Custom cereal boxes have nothing to do with depleting the ozone layer as they do not require complicated recycling. These boxes after use are simplified by the biologically active agent by a process known as biodegradation. Bacteria, fungi, and other micro-organisms convert them into loam and replenish the nutrients of the earth.

Free shipping all over the world facilitates the client to save its energy and time spent on this tedious task. Each order is tagged with a specific tracking ID and can be trailed anytime via the customer support team. Fastest turnaround services deliver flat boxes in their original shape within 4-8 working days. Boxes are delivered all over the world without any order limitation.